As the politics of Springfield become more and more complex, you need someone leading your lobbying efforts who understands the game, has relationships with many of the players, and knows which levers to pull to get things done.

Ed Sullivan is your guy. Throughout his career, he has been the “go to guy” if you wanted to get something difficult done in Springfield.

Sullivan leads his clients’ efforts by developing lobbying and comprehensive issue strategies, leading lobbying efforts, and managing the process to ensure a successful outcome.

In Springfield, Sullivan is known as a bipartisan problem solver. In 2011, he led a bipartisan effort to make the unemployment insurance fund solvent. Due to the recession, the fund was insolvent and about to incur huge penalties from the federal government. As the lead House Republican negotiator, he worked 9 months to bring both parties, business and labor together to develop a solution. He sponsored bipartisan legislation and cultivated support amongst leadership and his caucus. As a result, the bill passed overwhelmingly and was signed into law.

He is also known as a consensus maker on difficult and divisive issues. After the Courts ordered Illinois to enact a constitutional concealed carry statute or risk having all gun laws wiped off the books, he was the lead Republican working to develop consensus on this controversial topic. He served as the lead Republican negotiator and helped write the legislation. He served as lead Republican sponsor, and worked tirelessly to gain support from reluctant legislators who had a history of opposing gun rights. They were able to develop a bipartisan consensus, passing the bill and overriding a Governor Quinn veto.

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