Things change rapidly in Springfield. You need an experienced expert to guide you through the trepidation of Springfield.

Ed Sullivan is widely considered an issue expert. As floor leader in Springfield, he regularly had to take complex issues and make them understandable for people to earn their support.

He honed this skill after being assigned to the Public Utilities Committee early in his career, where he had to quickly become an expert on issues with which he had not previously dealt. In 2010, he helped lead a rewrite of Illinois’ telecommunications law, which allowed phone companies to provide video to consumers. In 2013, he worked to pass legislation that helps gas utilities replace their aging infrastructure. In 2014, he was the lead Republican sponsor on a bill to allow public utility companies to install smart meters and recoup the value of this infrastructure investment, which passed with bi-partisan support over a gubernatorial veto. In 2015, he was a key player in passing 9-1-1 consolidation and modernization, serving as the point person for the House Republicans, helping negotiate the bill, and whipping support within the caucus.

Sullivan specializes in understanding legislation and breaking it down so the average person can understand it. This service is invaluable to business, associations, and municipal clients as they deal with complicated issues and legislation. Having Ed Sullivan on your team means you have an expert at interpreting legislation working on your behalf to monitor and track legislation. In addition, he is able to assist in the crafting of effective legislation, and is able to help fight issues before they even become bills.

While serving in the legislature, Sullivan used his abilities to wrangle support for key legislation as well as to defeat opponents’ bills. He has a unique ability to effectively advocate for or against legislation, and uses those abilities to further his clients’ interests.

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