Your issue or legislation is going nowhere if key influencers aren’t on board. You need someone advocating on your behalf who has strong relationships with decision-makers and the ability to persuade them to support or oppose specific measures.

Ed Sullivan has relationships with key decision-makers and has a proven ability to influence legislation.

During the 2011 push to reform education in Illinois, he was one of eight legislators that negotiated the legislation. They developed consensus among all stakeholders and wrote the legislation. Then, some of the stakeholders changed their minds and began working against the bill. The reformers had to work to pass it despite their objection, and Sullivan whipped support in his caucus and ensured nearly unanimous passage of this landmark education reform bill.

Sullivan has excellent relationships with key decision-makers on both sides of the aisle at every level of government in Illinois. His relationships include:

  • Governor Rauner & Administration: In the legislature, Sullivan served as one of the Governor’s “lieutenants,” helping build support for his positions, limit support for opposition positions, and ensure support from the caucus on his agenda.
  • Speaker Madigan & President Cullerton: Sullivan has earned respect from the Speaker, President, and their staffs because of his history of bipartisanship, his ability to work to achieve consensus, and his willingness to take stands on less popular issues.
  • Minority Leaders Durkin and Radogno: Sullivan has worked closely with Leader Durkin since helping him get elected as Minority Leader, including serving as his Assistant Leader, and has worked closely with Leader Radogno and her staff.
  • Federal: Sullivan has close personal friendships with Senator Kirk and Congressmen Roskam, Bost and Dold as well as their staffs. He served in the legislature with Congressmen Hultgren, Roskam and Bost.
  • County & Local: Sullivan has relationships with many county and local leaders throughout the Chicago suburbs.
  • Associations and Lobbyists: Sullivan has worked with many associations and lobbyists due to his open-door policy as a legislator, and he earned respect as the legislator who always came through when he said he was going to do something.

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